Renewable Energy



Founded in 2016, Nostira’ s strategy focuses on sustainable development, maximizing the use of natural resources, in a way that will not cause their elimination and enable us to enjoy the benefits from their long-term use. Our Strategy for Sustainable development reflects on the development of the productive structures of the economy alongside with the creation of infrastructure for a sensitive attitude towards natural environment and ecological problems. For the benefit of our customers, employees, business partners, shareholders, and society in general we take advantage of the significant opportunities created by the emergence of the new energy world and we invest in creating a sustainable energy future by increasing the use of Renewable Energy Sources.

Nostira’ s main goal is to achieve a leading position in the RES industry, adding value in our businesses by delivering an outstanding performance in key areas, such as development, construction, management, operation and maintenance of RES units. Create a strong portfolio of innovative technologies, and a strong brand in Local Greek market as well as become a partner of choice for international collaborations.

The company's future goals are:
  • Attract new regions and targeted collaborations
  • Enhance our industry-leading capabilities in project development
  • Holding an innovative and customer related portfolio of technologies
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